zaterdag 8 december 2007

Work experience International

Various international collaborative projects online, using wikis and blogs.
* 2008-2009 with school in Macedonie. Students ( age:16) work together. See wiki MacNedStudents.
* 2010: Students age 14-16: with school in Trabson, Turkey

Workshops /  presentations
o IRA: World Conferences in Prague & Budapest
o IDEC: European Reading Conferences in Stavanger and Budapest
o IRA: Leadership workshops in Washington DC, Prague, Malaga, Cluj
o IDEC seminars: Athens, Talinn, Ljubljana, Turku, Cluj (01-2008), Riga (08-2008), Skopje (2010)
o Baltic Sea Conference Turku, Finland (08-2008), (08-2010)
o several presentations for visiting teachers / principals / govenment. E.g. from Macedonia ( 2009), Russia (2010)

International Development in Europe Commitee (1995- ..)
* Delegate Netherlands in IDEC: International Development in Europe Committee
* Webmaster IDEC Website
* two times a year seminar & work conference, several projects

International projects APS (Institute for school development: APS International
1. 2 years Teacher trainer / consultant Project Basic Education The Dutch Antilles ( Curacao, St. Maarten)
2. 1 year Teacher training Project Implementation New Curriculum Aruba

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